These are the MOOCs on converting your classes to online mode

These are the MOOCs on converting your classes to online mode

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Hi MODeLers! 

Have you seen the news about our courses that will help you in online teaching

That's right! UPOU has designed and opened courses to help our fellow educators utilize the internet to reach their students in this time of COVID-19. Currently, these courses are ongoing and will be offered until April 29.

Under the MOOCs Category, Quick Guide on How to Convert your Courses Online, there are 7 modules:

  • Google Classroom and Course Materials Conversion for Online Delivery
  • My Virtual Classroom
  • Open Educational Resources for Online Teaching
  • Designing Learning for Online Instruction
  • Learner Support in Online Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment in Online Teaching
  • Quality Assurance in Online Teaching
Each course contains webinars which you can watch, and some activities that you can participate in.

Certificates are FREE!

After completing the requirements, you will become eligible for a completion certificate that is equal to 24 hours of training. Our certificates are usually issued at least two weeks after course duration, but for these courses, certificates can be issued as soon as the teachers have graded your submissions. You only need to wait for our email that contains instructions on how to download the certificates. 

Are you ready to join?

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