This MOOC Certification Category contains modules that will guide teachers on how to convert their courses to online mode of delivery.  It consists of 7 Modules.  For each module completed, the learner will receive the certificate of module completion, that is after completing the prescribed activities in the module.  After completing all the modules, the learner will be directed to the completion of capstone requirement to receive the Certification on Technology-enabled Distance Instruction from the UP Open University.  

All modules under this Certification Category will be offered until 29 April 2020.  Please complete all module requirements.  Those who will not be able to complete the requirements can just re-enroll again in the next offering of the modules.  Thank you.

In this section, we will share with you some useful resources which can help you transition to online learning in time of COVID-19 and even post COVID-19.


Those who have completed the seven (7) modules, you will receive instruction on how you will proceed to the "Certification on Technology-enabled Distance Instruction".  Meanwhile, you may also want to consider enrolling in the ODeL Certification Program which will give you in-depth training on the various aspects of delivering instruction in Distance eLearning (DeL) Mode..

Enjoy engaging in lifelong learning!!