Check out our courses this March!

Check out our courses this March!

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Hi everyone!

In case you're wondering, here are the MOOCs that are scheduled to open this month:

1. Oral Communication and Conversational Fluency (4 Mar-15 Apr 2020)

The course aims for you to develop listening and speaking skills necessary for a more successful communication in authentic contexts or real-life situations, using the English language. The learning activities will feature pronunciation practices, listening exercises, short speech delivery or oral presentations, and simulations of conversations.

2. Understanding the Child Better (18 Mar-29 Apr 2020)

This course is about theoretical perspectives on children and child development and children’s situation, with a focus on children in need of special protection. It aims to develop a better understanding of children as the foundation for the development and conduct of effective and relevant activities and programs in support of child rights protection and promotion. 

3. Quality Assurance in ODeL (25 Mar-29 Apr 2020)

Since quality is an important aspect of education, the course focuses on quality assurance mechanisms that had been established and are being implemented by various institutions. Basic concepts of quality in ODeL and models of evaluating ODeL were included in the course. Various multimedia resources, as well as opportunities for interaction among learners, were provided. As basis for certification and to assess and facilitate own learning, assessments were done during the duration of the course.

4. Designing Learning in ODeL (25 Mar-29 Apr 2020)

The course will introduce the principles and practice of designing for learning in ODeL contexts. At the end of the course, students are expected to explain the meaning and purpose of design for learning, differentiate ODeL course designs, discuss learning principles and processes and design an ODeL learning activity.

5. Teaching and Learning with Modern ICTs (25 Mar-29 Apr 2020)

This is a 6-week MOOC which describes the integration of modern ICTs into the teaching and learning process as well as the various social, ethical, and legal considerations in the use of modern ICTs.

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We hope to learn with you in this upcoming courses!


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