Extension of Courses

Extension of Courses

by UPOU MODeL Support -
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Dear MODeLers,

Due to the recent maintenance and inaccessibility issued with our website, we have decided to adjust the schedule of the following courses:

Interlocal Cooperation: 

Module 2: Legal Ingredients:  8 Jun-July 10 2020

Module 3: Institutional Ingredients 13 Jul-31 Jul 2020

Module 4: Financial Ingredients 3 Aug-21 Aug 2020

ODeL Teacher Accreditation:

Learner Support in ODeL: 6 May-7 Jul 2020

Child Rights Protection and Promotion:

Institutional Mechanism Towards Child Rights Protection and Promotion: 1 Jul-12 Aug 2020
Legal Instruments for the Protection of Children: 6 May-7 Jul 2020

For the extended courses, you may continue with completing your requirements. Please take note of the new due date so you don't miss anything.

Thank you very much for your patience.