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MODeL Update: Four Courses Opened Today!

MODeL Update: Four Courses Opened Today!

by UPOU MODeL Support -
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Hey, everyone!

Three courses from ODeL Teacher Accreditation Program and one under Child Rights Protection and Promotion just opened today! 

In case you missed our online teaching courses, these three will be beneficial for you since these will discuss Open Distance eLearning (ODeL):

1. Learner Support in ODeL (6 May-10 Jun 2020)

The course will discuss how to provide an effective learner support in ODeL institutions. At the end of the course, students are expected to define learner support, explain its different types, and evaluate the relevance of learner support in the digital age.

2. Strategic Planning in ODeL (6 May-10 Jun 2020)

The course will introduce the principles and practice of designing for learning in ODeL contexts. At the end of the course, students are expected to explain the meaning and purpose of design for learning, differentiate ODeL course designs, discuss learning principles and processes and design an ODeL learning activity.

3. Content Development for ODeL (6 May-10 Jun 2020)

You are probably used to creating materials such as handouts, presentations, quizzes and assignments for your class. As educators, we do all this to help guide our students in their learning. Content Development for ODeL ODeL is similar in many ways. This course will guide you through the principles and processes identifying and curating content and putting it all together in a study guide.

Under the Child Rights Protection and Promotion, one course opened:

1. Legal Instruments for the Protection of Children (6 May-17 Jun 2020)

This course discusses the different international and Philippine legal instruments and policies to protect children and advocate for their rights. These legal instruments will also be assessed in terms of how they respond to the issues and needs of children especially those in need of special protection.

To enroll in these courses, just go to the homepage and scroll down to Featured Courses. If you don't have the DE Readiness Badge yet, just follow the instructions on this material:

Happy learning!


UPOU MODeL Support