Reminders to Get MODeL Certificates

Reminders to Get MODeL Certificates

by UPOU MODeL Support -
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Hi MODeLers!

We'd like to remind you about our guidelines in getting the certificate. Kindly read each item carefully and make sure to keep these by heart.

  1. Make sure your name in your account is your real and complete name (First Name, Surname). If you did not put your real name in your account, please edit your profile now by clicking on your name and looking for the Edit Profile option in your dashboard. This is usually located on the left part of your screen. Please write your name in an appropriate format by capitalizing the first letters or by capitalizing all letters. 
  2. Make sure you filled in all required information accurately.  Please check if you have answered all questions. Please write your affiliation (ex: institution, company name, etc) and your position (Professor, President, etc). This is to further verify the authenticity of your account.
  3. Completers will be notified through email when the certificates become available. Certificates are usually issued at least two weeks after the end of the course. We will send you an email containing the link to the certificate and some instructions and reminders.
  4. To know if the certificates have already been issued, go to Select the year when the course you took was offered. Check the list of certificates. The name of the certificate is usually formatted as "Certificate for __Name of Course (Month and Year of offering)_. Example: Certificate for Social Entrepreneurship (Mach 2020).
  5. If you think you passed the course but did not receive your certificate,  you may contact us through email or through our FB Page to verify or to know what requirements you failed to submit.
  6. Certificates don't have signature, however you will see a QR code at the bottom left. The QR Code, when scanned, will direct you to a page where you can verify that you have completed the course. This is to prevent other people from reproducing the certificate and editing their name into it.
  7. People who commit plagiarism will not get a certificate. Kindly make sure that the materials you have submitted have proper citations. Do not just copy-paste contents from the modules, your classmates, or the internet, and pretend that you're the one who wrote them. You can search through Google how to properly cite resources.

If you need help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our communication lines are always open. We understand that for some of you, learning online is a completely new thing. Tell us whatever difficulties you're having in your learning and we will assist you without judgment. You may use English, Tagalog, or both as long as you can express yourselves clearly and confidently.

We hope you have carefully read this to the end. Please follow the reminders so that you will be able to get your certificate with ease.

Have a great day and keep safe!


UPOU MODeL Support