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Transitioning to Online Learning amidst COVID19

Transitioning to Online Learning amidst COVID19

by UPOU MODeL Support -
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Dear everyone,

We, the University of the Philippines Open University, understand the difficulty of holding classes in the midst of the spread of COVID19. Some schools are even suspending classes so that they can prepare their institutions to combat this problem. 

To help our fellow Filipinos, UPOU MODeL is opening five courses that can guide educators to transition from residential learning to online learning. The courses below will run from 10 March-18 April 2020:

  1. Technology in ODeL
This course shall help you utilize the different technologies that may be used in handling and facilitating Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL). You will learn Moodle, one of the most well-known Learning Management Systems that can host virtual classrooms (such as MODeL). You will also learn other technologies that may be used to manage classes and develop materials.

2. Content Development for ODeL

You are probably used to creating materials such as handouts, presentations, quizzes and assignments for your class. As educators, we do all this to help guide our students in their learning. Content Development for ODeL ODeL is similar in many ways. This course will guide you through the principles and processes identifying and curating content and putting it all together in a study guide.

3. Designing Learning in ODeL

The course will introduce the principles and practice of designing for learning in ODeL contexts. At the end of the course, students are expected to explain the meaning and purpose of design for learning, differentiate ODeL course designs, discuss learning principles and processes and design an ODeL learning activity.

4. Assessment of Learning in ODeL

This course is about the processes, technologies and issues in the assessment of student learning in Open and Distance eLearning. Specifically, it discusses principles of assessing student learning,  perspectives on the assessment of student learning; preparing, and administering assessments; and lastly, evaluating assessment results.

5. Teaching and Learning with Modern ICTs

This is a 6-week MOOC which describes the integration of modern ICTs into the teaching and learning process as well as the various social, ethical, and legal considerations in the use of modern ICTs.

To enroll in these courses, please be guided by this Orientation Material: or send a message to our Facebook Page: UPOU Massive Open Distance e-Learning

Furthermore, we have prepared other downloadable resources below. Just click the title:

We hope that these will be of great help. We also encourage everyone to share this good news to their friends, families, and colleagues.

Thank you very much!


--UPOU MODeL Admin